The Work is a Bridge

I see The Work of Byron Katie as a bridge that allows us to cross over from apparent reality to our inner world, peeping behind the curtain of our stressful thoughts and reaching a place where the truth was never forgotten, just overlooked.

The Work is a process of internal inquiry leading to personal insights and self-realisation.

It is a method of contemplation of our thoughts, of the effect that believing them has on our life and on our relationships with ourselves and others.  It is a way to resolve past trauma, hurt and fear as it dispels the frightening images and impressions of our past and the mirage of our future.

It is a way of experiencing ourselves beyond our belief system and thereby ending our own suffering. It is a path to inner wisdom,  joy, peace and deep connection. It is an invitation to discover the Truth of who we are.

It is so simple, anyone can do it. All it requires is on open mind and the desire to know the truth.

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