The Work of Byron Katie for people living with HIV / AIDS

I have been taking trips to Kenya and Tanzania, sharing The Work of Byron Katie in places where the incidence of HIV+ in the local population is officially 1 in 3 , including children.

The effect that the epidemic has on people’s every day lives is hard to comprehend. The social structure and economy are also deeply affected and in turn, poverty gains ground.

The Work is a powerful tool for people who are seemingly living in hopeless situations. It helps people gain a new perspective on their life, keep contributing to the community and face disclosure fearlessly. Coming out of denial and resulting covert sexual behaviours is, to my mind, one of the factors that will help curtail the progression of the AIDS epidemic.

Below is short video that was filmed in 2010, it contains testimonials from HIV positive people who have experienced The Work. I hope it inspires you.

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