When I started doing inquiry, I found it very supportive to be facilitated by someone experienced in The Work of Byron Katie, someone who had walked this path. Private sessions are a very effective way to help you discover the power and depth of The Work.

I like to use the Work to slow down the mind. For me, it is not so much the number of beliefs that I inquire into that counts as much as the depth of the inquiry.

Here is what I can support you with in the course of a session:

  • Answer questions you may have about The Work
  • Help you elucidate a stressful situation
  • Guide you through writing a Judge-Your-Neighbour worksheet
  • Support you and track your inquiry
  • Ask you sub-questions when they are appropriate
  • Invite you to explore new turnarounds
  • Point you to potential exemples when needed
  • Uncover deep underlying beliefs
  • Share my own experience
  • Suggest ways of living your turnarounds
  • Point you towards resources

The Work is a universal tool and can be used on any stressful situation and I am open to taking you through the process no matter what your life circumstances are or have been. I have a particular interest in the following: trauma • difficult childhood • abuse • fears & phobias  • lack of self-esteem • grief, sadness & depression • suicidal tendencies  • Conflict resolution for couples.

I offer one-on-one sessions over Skype or phone. They typically last an hour. Please contact me for more information.

In this short video, Katie explains why doing The Work with a facilitator is often more powerful than doing it on your own.



The first session is offered for a donation left to your discretion.

  • Following individual sessions: €60 / $80
  • Sessions for couples: €80 / $110
  • 5 prepaid sessions: €270 / $365
  • 10 prepaid sessions: €500 / $690

Discounts are available for people who have a low income. Payment can be organised through PayPal or bank transfer.


Margot’s warm nature, depth of understanding and sharing from her own experience really helped me begin to trust myself and wait for an answer. – Chloe.
Exceptionally gifted, always professional, kind, patient. Margot has great communication skills. – Sue
Margot is an example for me. I want to learn to be as happy and free as she is. – Marie
Professional. caring, loving, supportive. Special, adorable, beautiful. Great sessions. I feel so peaceful in her presence. – Greg