Events & Workshops

Time to do The Work together! In a group setting, whether meeting each other at a workshop, course or conference or in a tele-classroom, inquiry comes alive and all participants benefit from each other’s experience, questions and insights. In the spring and summer 2017, I am planning a variety of events in English and in French. Some of those events serve as a general introduction, others are structured around a theme. They are open to all, regardless of your level of familiarity with The Work.


Upcoming events

desert_sahara_petitA week in the Sahara desert, October 15-22, 2017

Join certified facilitators Margot and Todd Smith ( for a week of intensive practice of The Work in the Tunisian Desert.

This retreat is for people who are experienced in The Work. We will question the thoughts that prevent us from experiencing the desert fully, and also there will be time to question stressful thoughts about any area in your life.

Tuition : 1600€

Location : Sahara desert, closest airport : Djerba, Tunisia

Language : english

This retreat counts for 24 ITW credits (12 from Margot, and 12 from Todd)

For more information, contact Margot or Todd Smith (

“Going to the desert with Margot is like taking part in two trips at the same time: one in the desert and the other in your mind.” retreat participant


Past events 

These past events can become future ones. Should you be interested in one of the topics below, thank you for contacting me. I would be delighted to offer them again as a workshop, teleclass or focussed program.

Cactus flower-Illness workshopMY ILLNESS , MY DIS-EASE Illness as a pathway to self-realisation – Body follows mind. Cancer, HIV, fatigue, chronic pain, disability or a mild skin rash? Everything serves, even illness. In this teleclass, we invite you to a radical new perspective on your illness where it becomes your teacher, your portal to wisdom, your pathway to wellness. The purpose of this class is not to alleviate your physical symptoms but to give you a way to deal with your dis-ease, fears, resentment, chronic worrying, depression, self-blame, sabotage, apathy as obstacles to your wellbeing. “Bodies simply try to keep themselves balanced and to heal themselves. They are entirely efficient, intelligent, kind and resourceful. Where there is no thought, there is no problem.” Byron Katie
This teleclass has been carefully designed to address the issues that surface in the mind of a person faced with a physical illness, pain or disability. We use The Work of Byron Katie to support you in cultivating awareness of your thoughts and achieving freedom from believing what is ultimately not true for you. In turn, you may find that you have more energy and make clearer choices that nurture your health and wellness. Each participant will be given a confidential individual session with one of the trainers prior to the first teleclass. There will also be 1 to 2 hours partner work / homework each week and other suggested activities. Class recordings will be available for download.

  • Week 1: Pointing the finger of blame
  • Week 2: Judge your ill body
  • Week 3: I know what is best for you
  • Week 4: Those doctors! Those treatments!
  • Week 5: Now that I’m ill, I can’t…
  • Week 6: The worst that can happen…
I have worked with people faced with health challenges for years as part of a former career and I have been a keen observer of what happens on the mental and emotional level when our physical health is challenged. I have used The Work to support people living with HIV & AIDS in Kenya and in Zimbabwe. Far from being an enemy, illness can be a treasure chest for self-realisation and deeper wellness. Margot
I began doing The Work on the day my doctor told me I had uterine pre-cancer and needed a hysterectomy. I was devastated. I reached for a pen and an old receipt and started doing The Work (I had just listened to Katie’s book). It calmed me down and helped me stay sane that day, and during the difficult weeks that followed. On the day of my surgery, I experienced a deep inner calm and peace I had never felt before. Joy

A six-week teleclass open to those faced with a physical illness, chronic pain or a disability whether serious or benign This teleclass doesn’t require any prior knowledge of The Work. We recommend that you read or reread Loving What Is prior to the class starting. It is designed to give you a hands-on experience of The Work of Byron Katie. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this powerful tool and practice it through group activities, pair-work and on their own in a supportive environment.

  • Wed. May 21  June 25, 14. 10 – 11:30am Pacific Time / 7 – 8.30pm Central Europe Time
  • Accessible via phone or Skype 
  • 10 credit hours for candidates in the ITW Certification Program.
  • $250 or €180 before April 9th – $295 or €213 after April 9th
  • Registration: Joy Karim 860-796-9461 or contact Margot
  • Class recordings will be available for download.
  • Limited to 12 participants
Freebird picFREE YOUR MIND A two-day introduction workshop in the West of Ireland where you will get the opportunity to discover, practice, deepen and integrate The Work of Byron Katie.  Discover the freedom that is waiting beyond the story of who you think you are. In this weekend workshop you will experience and learn how to use The Work. Despite its simplicity, it is a powerful way of working with the mind to identify and question habitual, painful and stressful thoughts and discover what lies beyond them. Come join us in the beautiful seculsion of historic Brooklawn House for one or both days. All are welcome – whether you are new to or experienced in The Work..
It has been a while since I have given workshops in Ireland and this one is particularly dear to me. I love the location, and the prospect of working alongside with Ursula enchants me. Margot
“Through The Work, my life has changed from feeling dislocated, alienated, and dependent on the world for my happiness to feeling more at one with life, more open to whatever shows up. I’m excited about taking this journey together in our weekend workshop. Ursula
A weekend workshop in beautiful secluded Brooklawn near Tuam. This workshop is open to all. It is designed to give you a hands-on experience of The Work of Byron Katie. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this powerful tool and practice it through group activities, pair-work in a supportive environment.

  • Saturday 28th June. 10am-6pm & Sunday 29th June 10am-6pm.
  • Brooklawn House, Brooklawn, Tuam, Co Galway
  • 6 hours of credit per day for candidates in the ITW Certification Program (12 hours for the whole weekend).
  • Registration: contact Margot by email or ring Ursula 087 2934614.
  • €140 for both days before 1st June (€170 after). €80 per day rate before 1st June (€95 after). Concessions available.
  • Tea / coffee and delicious snacks included. Accommodation available locally. Bring a packed lunch.
  • Open to all, no prior familiarity with The Work required on the Saturday however some knowledge required if attending Sunday only.

Rose BEAUTY & IMAGE? LETS FACE IT! “I’m too fat, I should be taller, he is more handsome than me, I hate my hair …”  Sounds familiar? Where do these statements come from? What purpose do they serve? Are they true? Mirror, mirror on the wall, what if what you are only reflecting my belief system back to me?  In this workshop, our wish is to create a place for exploring together our stressful beliefs about beauty, image and discover for ourselves that true beauty doesn’t lie.
I am delighted to be presenting this workshop with my friend Jehrin. I never tire of introducing this wonderful tool to people who are new to The Work as well as those with more experience and this universal theme of Body Image is a perfect place to share. Margot
The Work gave me a way to address the stressful feelings and thoughts that came up. My life has become much more loving and kind, and my relationship with my family, friends and work have greatly improved as a result of this simple process. Jehrin
A one-and-a-half day workshop in Olympia, WA, US This workshop is open to all. It is designed to give you a hands-on experience of The Work of Byron Katie. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this powerful tool and practice it through group activities, pair-work and on their own in a supportive environment.

  • Friday 28th Feb. 6-9pm & Saturday 1st March 8:50am-5pm.
  • 1805 Lenox Ct. NW, Olympia, WA 98502
  • 10 hours of credit for candidates in the ITW Certification Program.
  • Registration: Jehrin Alexandria,, 360.489.8729
  • $120 including lunch on Saturday.
  • Open to all, no prior familiarity with The Work required.


In the past few years, I have been offering The Work as a volunteer to:

  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Individuals and groups of people who have been at the receiving end of sexual abuse
  • The homeless
  • People living with HIV-AIDS in Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe.
  • Community development workers and AIDS advocates in  Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

I also started an inquiry circle in Galway, Ireland, a weekly gathering where people interested in discovering The Work or deepening their experience can come and question their stressful thoughts. I am interested in sharing The Work through free presentations to support groups and organisations dealing with social issues, community development and health. Thank you for contacting me if you feel this can serve.