What caregivers in Africa think about The Work

It has been a while since I had the chance to go to Africa to move The Work of Byron Katie and I am very excited about the new project that is going to take me to Zimbabwe in September and October 2013. The best thing about it is that it is organised by an NGO,by people who deal with the problems on the ground on a daily basis.

I have heard from health workers, community development workers, AIDS advocates and Social workers that The Work is a powerful tool in the hands of caregivers who deal with heightened levels of suffering. And the best place to start is always with oneself.

Prior to discovering The Work, I used to feel quite depleted and saddened by the levels of poverty and sickness I witnessed on my trips to developing countries. The Work has totally changed my attitude and I now have more clarity and energy to deal with all the situations I am confronted with there. Questioning my own thoughts and not seeing a problem with those people’s circumstances, gives them the room to also have a look and realise for themselves what is the cause of their suffering. Not being at war against reality doesn’t mean being passive, quite the opposite. It frees up energy to take action when action is needed, effectively and fearlessly.

In the two videos below, you will meet some of my Franciscan nuns friends who have experienced The Work for themselves before passing it on to the people in their community that they are so dedicated to.

I am open to sharing The Work with members of the caring professions and to supporting them in doing The School for The Work so that they can in turn pass the tool, end their own suffering and inspire others to do the same.



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