Bringing our African Friends to The School for The Work of Byron Katie

One of the things that I feel very enthusiastic about is to bring our African friends to The School for The Work of Byron Katie.

The School for the Work is a phenomenal experience and I would encourage anybody who has an interest in The Work to go. My first School – and subsequent ones – was the most life-enhancing experiences I have ever had and I love passing on this message.

In order to make The Work progress in Africa, we have been supporting people who have been actively involved in their community as health professionals, AIDS workers, community development workers, and others in the caring professions to attend the School in Germany in the summer of each year or in Los Angeles.

So far, we have supported four Africans to participate in this great adventure: two Kenyans (Bad Neuenahr, Germany July 2010 & 2011) and a couple from Uganda (Los Angeles, Oct. 2012). Another three were ready to go and got refused their European visa. I have also met a Rwandan man and another from Malawi at various Schools… the numbers are growing.

When these people go back to their country and their community, they can share The Work as living examples of what it can do to improve someone’s life. They go home equipped with some of Katie’s books and audios and a large dose of enthusiasm. The two Ugandans  are now engaged in the program to become Certified Facilitators. For us, it is great support to have these School graduates on the ground, able to help us organise sessions, talks and workshops.

This year we are very hopeful about being able to bring Moses, a community development worker from Kenya. He was one of the ones that was refused his entry visa last year.

In this video you will meet one of our School graduates African friends.

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