About me

Margot Diskin, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

My name is Margot Diskin.

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

When The Work entered my life in 2009, my life on the surface was functioning well. However, deep inside I felt as if I was constantly carrying a big heavy slab of concrete in my chest. I was convinced that I was ‘doing time’ here on earth – not a bad place, just not home – that I didn’t belong, that I was an inconvenience to people with nothing much to offer. 

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This affected my relationships with relatives, friends and partner and left me rebellious, defensive, emotionally shut down, lonely and isolated. I tried various techniques on myself and others to alleviate these feelings. While they always proved very useful, I was still left with a deep feeling of grief and despair. I never seemed to shift, I wasn’t reaching the core.

I found myself at The School for The Work in March 2009 and the deeply entrenched beliefs started to leave me. By the end of The School, I was seeing the world and people around me in a totally different light, so gentle and inviting. What also changed radically was the way that I perceived myself. I physically felt different: lighter, more alive. On an emotional level, I felt very peaceful and open to others and filled with gratitude for this life.

Since then, I have been practicing The Work with great diligence on every subject, whenever I feel stress coming on, or just for the sheer pleasure of getting to know myself and my world better. It works every single time!




I have always had an inquisitive mind that lead me to take in interest in quantum physics, philosophy and the nature of who we are at quite an early age.

I have been working with mind-body connection and the effects that our belief systems have on our physical health and well-being since I became a homeopath in 1999. I am also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner and trainer since 2005 and a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. It is now clear to me that The Work is the tool I had been looking for all my life and this is now my technique of choice.

On a personal level, I use Deep Listening and I am a keen Vipassana meditator. Meditation gives me the stillness and presence that in turn leads to deeper inquiry.


In my early twenties, I spent nearly three years in Tanzania, East Africa. It was a profound experience for me and later when I started working in the field of alternative medicine, energy and personal inquiry, I immediately could see how these tools could contribute to the wellness of the African people whom I love so much. I started practicing homeopathy, then EFT in Tanzania and Kenya and I created the Uzima Project, a charitable organization whose aim is to lay down ‘new pathways to wellness’ in developing countries.

I am now involved in moving The Work in Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe with the support of local organizations, and looking for more destinations!  (see My Blog for more details).


Some facts:

  • I am French and I have lived most of my adult life in Ireland.
  • I offer The Work in French and English.
  • At the moment I share my time between France, Ireland, California and occasionally Africa