Suffering is optional
We only suffer when we believe a thought that is not true for us
You can get out of the prison of the mind thanks to The Work of Byron Katie
The Work


What is The Work of Byron Katie?

The Work is a process of internal inquiry leading to personal insights and self-realisation.

It is a bridge to our inner world, a method of contemplation of our thoughts, a reflection on the effect that believing them has on our life and on our relationships with ourselves and others.  It is a way to resolve past trauma, hurt and fear as it dispels the frightening images and impressions of our past and the mirage of our future.

It is a way of experiencing ourselves beyond our belief system and thereby ending our own suffering. It is a path to inner wisdom,  joy, peace and deep connection. It is an invitation to discover the Truth of who we are.

It is so simple, anyone can do it. All it requires is on open mind and the desire to know the truth.

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About me

Margot Diskin, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

My name is Margot Diskin.

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

When The Work entered my life in 2009, my life on the surface was functioning well. However, deep inside I felt as if I was constantly carrying a big heavy slab of concrete in my chest. I was convinced that I was ‘doing time’ here on earth – not a bad place, just not home – that I didn’t belong, that I was an inconvenience to people with nothing much to offer. 

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Moving The Work in Zimbabwe

This coming September and October, I will be taking part in a project in Harare, Zimbabwe. The aim of this project is to use The Work of Byron Katie to help people living with HIV and AIDS reduce their self-stigma. 

Self-stigma is defined as negative self-judgements resulting in shame, worthlessness and self-blame adversely affecting the heath of a person. When self-stigma is present, it feeds a cycle of denial. alienation and fear of disclosure of the sufferer’s status. In turn, this may result in behaviours that contribute to the spreading of the disease.

Self-judgment is nothing more than a set of beliefs a person has about him or herself. Dismantling painful and limiting beliefs is the purpose of The Work, the perfect tool

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